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Guillemot Cove & Stump House

This was a short hike, we looped around some trails at Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve, which includes the “Stump House”, a bit of a “house” carved out of an old cedar trunk. It’s rumored the Stump House was once used...


Mt St. Helens – Coldwater Lake

On today’s trip, we headed down to Mt. St Helens. We had hoped to hike the Boundary Trail from the Johnston Ridge Observatory down to Hummocks Trailhead, but the cloud level was just way to low. Instead, we went down...


Ipsut Creek Backpacking Trip

My first backpacking trip… we did a bit of an easy hike in to the Ipsut Creek Campground along the Carbon River on the North side of the Mt. Rainier National Park. Once there, we did another hike, not quite...


Surprise Lake & Clipper Mine

On this hike, we did the fairly short trek (just over 5 miles round trip) up to Surprise Lake, located off an old logging road just across the Carbon River from Mt Rainier National Park. Near Old Baldy Mountain, it’s...


Point Defiance Beach

I’ve done Point Defiance before.. you can watch the previous video if you want to see it… but this time we took a different route. Instead of being up on the trails, we timed things with a low tide and...


Umtanum Creek

We wandered over to the other side of the mountains today… the Yakima River area, specifically along Umtanum Creek. The climate on the East side of the Cascades is very different than on the West, more arid, much warmer, and...


Reflection Lakes – Mt Rainier National Park

It started out 3 years ago at Gold Creek, then last year we went up to Paradise… this year we enjoyed an Snowshoe Trek/Easter Dinner.. this time in the middle of Reflection Lakes at Mt Rainier National Park. Besides a...


Deception Pass

Deception Pass, an area that got it’s name from Captain George Vancouver in 1792, was today’s destination. The trip ended up a couple miles shorter than the originally planned 9 miles because we just got too swept up in all...


Fort Clatsop – Fort to Sea Trail

Today we joined the Mountain View Hikers again, this time down in Oregon. We started out at Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 18015-06, and we hiked a trail that roughly followed their pathway between the...


Larch Mtn – Capitol State Forest

A quick, solo day-hike in Capitol State Forest. There’s no WTA or other sites with much info on the trails I took today, but you can find out more about Capitol State Forest on the WA DNR website: