Carbon River Rd to Green Lake

Saturday we did a trail that I’ve done a portion of… and only did a portion of what I did before. Last year I trekked the Carbon River Road to Ipsut Creek Campground. That’s about a 10 or so mile round trip. This time we did about the same miles, but we turned off the Carbon River Road to head up to Green Lake. While the distance is about the same, this hike had more than 1000ft difference in elevation. Oh, and the weather was quite different in February than it was last June.

So check out the video and photos below for more info… including a mine entrance and a beautiful waterfall.


Here’s the path we took from the parking area, I forgot to start RunKeeper until we were on the trail, at where you see the 1 mile mark is where we turned off to check out the mine entrance.

And you can see that first spike in the elevation profile as well.. and you can see that the climb to Green Lake climbs pretty quickly…

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