Bariatric Surgery – The Cons Pt 2 (reblog)

I continue to explore possible downsides to bariatric surgery in this reblog of a post from October 14, 2008

I started talking about some of the cons I’ve been reading about while looking in to Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). Yesterday I touched a bit on some of the basic food aspects as well as the general surgery aspects, this next one that I started digging into goes a bit deeper, addiction.

I don’t always eat because I’m hungry. I know that’s a factor in things overall maybe even more of one that I realize. Does it mean I’m addicted to food? I’m not sure. But there’s a few sites out there that I’ve found that talk about the problems of addiction when it comes to bariatric surgery and how after the surgery many folks trade their addiction to food for another addiction. It’s commonly referred to transfer addiction. The most frequently discussed one seems to be alcohol, and another I see mentioned is gambling.

Alcohol… an addiction I’m fairly familiar with.

My dad is an alcoholic one that has been dry for 30+ years (now over 40 as of this reblog). I have no real memories of my dad drinking. I don’t know that I ever saw him drunk. But yes, I’ve lived with the results of it. It led to the split of my parents when I was about two, and from family I have heard it effected the early development of our relationship. I know that to this day it is a part of who he is, and to some extent who I am.

Did that ever stop me from drinking? No. Has it stopped me from drinking too much on occassion? No. Do I think I have an alcohol problem myself? No.

It may mean nothing but I’ve had to throw beer away that went kinda stale on me in my fridge. There are few beers I “like”. There are a few other drinks that are ok… an ice cold Mikes Hard Lemon or Limeade on a hot summer day are reallllly good. But I could just as easily drink iced tea, coke, regular lemonade (for now anyways). I really don’t think that will become a problem.

Yes, I know a lot of the arguments that could be made to say it doesn’t matter… I don’t have to like what I drink to be an alcoholic I don’t have to get drunk to be an alcoholic… I don’t even have to drink that often… but this is one area that I’m just not worried about.

Gambling? Sort of the same thing. I’ve gambled. I like playing cards and such… but I really h ave never done so with any sort of regularity. I really do not think it will be an issue later either.

So what else is there? If it turns out I have a food addiction what other vices might I transfer that to after bariatric surgery?

Some of thoughts came from reading articles like the following; Alcohol and Gastric Bypass

This reblog was originally posted on one of my previous blogs/websites. Some will be about my personal experiences with my decision to have bariatric surgery, others are about other relevant issues that I feel are worth still having available for discussion. Minor editing may have been done for clarity.

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