Are you doing your laundry wrong?

I thought this was kind of entertaining… and it’s not really anything that I have not heard before. But it came up at an opportune time for me because I just ordered a new batch of Soap Nuts. Soap nuts are what I’ve been using for my laundry for a few years now… and I think they are a much healthier alternative to detergents. And besides that, they’re super economical. I just ordered a new bag.. the previous one I ordered in November of 2016. 14 months ago. I do 2-3 loads of laundry a week, and I get 6-8 loads of laundry from a batch of about 6 nuts. And I still have a handful left from the open bag. So we’re talking maybe close to 16 months worth…? Do the math, even if I paid for shipping and such, we’re barely talking about $1 a month. And since I have coin-operated laundry at $3.50 per wash/dry, saving money on the soap is a nice thing.

Anyways, read the article I linked above to find out more about soap nuts, use the link below if you want to order some for yourself. Or just watch the video to see what you can do to do your laundry better.

Amazon Link: Natural Things – Soap Nuts

Yes, if you use that link, I may get a small percentage… it is simply to help off-set things like hosting costs and such. If you’re concerned about it you can go and do a direct search instead of using my link. But if you do use it, it is greatly appreciated!

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