A Power Packed French Onion Dip

Has it been a couple months since YWM2015 already? Wow. Well, you may remember some of the audio interviews I did while there, including one with the folks at the BariLife booth. While there, we chatted about some of their new products, including some instant soup mixes… and when they mentioned the beef flavored, I made a comment about using it to make some French Onion Dip. Next thing I know, they’re sending me some samples to try out.. so yea.. I figured I had to make some dip!


And of course… doing what I do… had to put some of my own twists on it. For starters, instead of the typical sour cream base, I used Greek Yogurt.

The first batch is 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp of granulated garlic, 4 Tbsp of minced dried onion, and one packet of the BariLife Beef Bouillon, mix it all well and chill for at least an hour. As the dried onion hydrates, this will give you a fairly thick dip.

The other version I did used some fresh onion, about a cups worth, that I had minced up and slowly sauteed until they were nicely caramelized. After they cooled, I mixed them in the yogurt with the soup mix and garlic and let it chill in the fridge for a while. I’m not going to get in to how to caramelize the onions, there are lots of resources online if you need to learn how to do that.

Both versions were rather tasty… I snacked with some fresh veggies and a few chia-laced tortilla chips. And then I also tried something a bit .. well.. unconventional. I had some soup.

One packet of the mix, 1 cup of boiling water… and there we go.  Many people also try mixing their own protein into regular soup mixes… usually with less than stellar results. This particular mix was good stuff. It tasted like… beef broth. I wish I could come up with some sort of flourishing language,  but really, it tasted… like soup…. which is good. If you’re a bariatric patient, the kicked-up protein (15g in a serving) is kind of a bonus.

As a soup broth on it’s own, it’s not going to be a meal in itself, but a mid-day snack, one you can keep in your desk drawer… or as an alternative to use in recipes that gives you some extra protein.


If you want to buy some of the Beef Bouillon soup mix or any of the other products BariLife has, check out their website barilife.com – and just for disclosure sake, the beef bouillon mix I used for this was provided to me at no cost by BariLife, but the thoughts expressed about it are all my own.

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