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Small Bites

Small Bites – Andy Bellatti is a Registered Dietitian, and reading his blog and following him on Twitter has did a lot to enhance and inspire my interest in and understanding of a variety of nutritional topics. While he hasn’t actually blogged...

Fridge Full of Food 1

Keeping Food Safe When The Power Goes Out

Here in Minnesota, we’ve had a bit of a stormy spring followed by some extremely hot weather this week. Folks out East have been hit even harder, recent storms have left thousands of households without power over this holiday week....

Salad 2

Making Choices: Burger vs. Salad

You’re heading out to eat, you’re trying to eat better. What should you order, a burger or a salad? The following are two items from the menu of a well known restaurant chain. Which of these has fewer calories? Don’t...


A Tomato Soup That Even I Like

For the longest times, I didn’t like tomatoes. Ok, I liked a a good tomato based pasta sauce, I liked chili, I even used fresh tomatoes in my own homemade chili. But put them in a salad or on a...

Sugar Infographic 0

Sugar, In Images

This harkens back to a show I did for The Wake Up Call, and since I did a lot of talking for that show, as a follow up I thought I would let the images do the talking.    

Extra! Extra! 0

On the Air: 2013 News In Review

This show originally aired: January 14, 2014 On this edition of The Wake Up Call, we took a look at some of our top, health related news stories from the last year. We pointed out some of the highlights, and chatted...


Reset, do over, or just keep moving forward?

Have you ever looked at your life, where you’re at, and wished you could reach out and hit some sort of reset button? Or maybe just call out “do over!” and get a chance to start things over at a...


Straight Talk – A review… of sorts

When I first had my surgery, the “bariatric community” was obviously much smaller than it is now. There were a few of the obvious places for folks to connect;,, and some other smaller forum based sites. Then of course...

Balsamic Onion Wrap 0

Beef Tortillas with Balsamic Onions

The original recipe called for using sliced roast beef, look for a low-sodium brand. Otherwise, this works great with skirt or flank steaks, the same cut usually used for fajitas. These meats are a bit tougher so be sure to...


People, People, People, c’mon already

2015… start of a new year. resolutions, new beginnings, all that jazz. And time for People’s annual “Half Their Size” edition where they share some inspirational stories of folks who have lost pounds by the hundreds. Celebrating healthy living, active...