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Podcast Flashback! My Weight Loss Surgery Podcast Debut

Waaaaaay back now in September 2014, I was invited by Reeger Cortel, FNP to be a guest on her Weight Loss Surgery Podcast. That discussion about my own story with obesity became her 36th Episode. Since then I’ve gone on to co-host...


I Have a Disease; It’s Called Obesity

Last fall, I was approached by my friend Reeger Cortel, the lovely voice, wonderful mind, and caring heart behind the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast about an idea she had for a video contest being done by the American Society for Metabolic...


WLS Podcast: Pandora Williams – Feelings & Fitness

A bit over a year ago, I was interviewed by Reeger Cortell for an episode of her Weight Loss Surgery Podcast, and shortly thereafter, she asked if I would like to do some co-hosting with her. I’ve since done a...