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WLS: The Easy Way Out

There is one recurring … fear and frustration that dogs many people who have had bariatric surgery (aka weight loss surgery). I’ve heard it from patients online, in various support groups I’ve attended/facilitated/led, as well as while at various obesity related events. It’s this perception that using surgery to get to a healthier weight is “taking the easy way out”.


YWM Flashback – Health is Not Measured in Pounds

We’re ramping up for Your Weight Matters 2018, I thought I would share one of my favorite speakers from a previous convention. The 2014 event in Orlando was my second time at convention. Dr. Arya Sharma is not only a...


Goat Creek Trail & Cathedral Falls

November 11, 2017 – Goat Creek and Cathedral Falls is one I’ve been to a couple times now, and there are some more trails near here I still want to check out. Today a group of us did about 7miles...


Rock Candy Trail – Capitol State Forest

Capitol State Forest is a working forest and outdoor recreational area just outside Olympia… and someplace I have been many times because it has a lot of different trails and because it is so close and easy to get to....


Are you doing your laundry wrong?

I thought this was kind of entertaining… and it’s not really anything that I have not heard before. But it came up at an opportune time for me because I just ordered a new batch of Soap Nuts. Soap nuts...


Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls is a very popular destination in the Snoqualmie Pass area. It’s smack-dab in the middle of I-90 in fact, in an area created by a split between the east and west bound lanes. In the summer, it’s a short...


Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

In the Pacific Northwest, if you let the rain keep you from getting outside, you’ll spend way too much time inside and miss some great adventures. This was one of those adventures. It was a trek along the Middle Fork...


New Year’s Day Snowshoe Trip to Mt Rainier

Being outdoors; hiking, snowshoeing, and the like has been a bit part of my Positively Healthy life since moving to Washington State almost 4 years ago now. It’s been great for my both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I’ve also been...


Radio Archive: In Moderation vs Optimum Minimum Videocast

This show originally broadcast on October 1, 2014 We tried something a little different as part of The Wake Up Call – a live videocast where we discussed how when it comes to changing our dietary habits, we often hear...