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Ipsut Creek Backpacking Trip

My first backpacking trip… we did a bit of an easy hike in to the Ipsut Creek Campground along the Carbon River on the North side of the Mt. Rainier National Park. Once there, we did another hike, not quite...


Surprise Lake & Clipper Mine

On this hike, we did the fairly short trek (just over 5 miles round trip) up to Surprise Lake, located off an old logging road just across the Carbon River from Mt Rainier National Park. Near Old Baldy Mountain, it’s...


New Year’s Day Snowshoe Trip to Mt Rainier

Being outdoors; hiking, snowshoeing, and the like has been a bit part of my Positively Healthy life since moving to Washington State almost 4 years ago now. It’s been great for my both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I’ve also been...