Healthy Eating Challenge

Healthy Eating Challenge

There are lots of places you can go for “Weight Loss Challenges” or “Biggest Loser Contests”, but that is not what you will find with Positively Healthy. Our Healthy Eating Challenge is not a competition, it’s a challenge for you to take control and start eating healthier.

Healthy Eating


This is NOT a diet plan, it’s about giving you the information you need to make informed, healthy changes to your eating habits. However one of the benefits that many people see when they improve their eating habits is that it is easier to get to and maintain a healthy body weight.

Each week you are provided with the information and motivation you need to make a few simple, but healthy changes in your eating habits as well as handouts that include lots of great reference material and simple recipes you can make on your own.

The Healthy Eating Challenge is offered as a group class or as a one-on-one phone coaching session. Group classes can be booked at your home or office for $100 per participant with a minimum of 6 participants and each session is about 60-minutes. Discounted rates may apply to groups of 10 or more. One-on-one sessions are $140, held via phone or Skype and each session lasts about 40 minutes*.

  • Week 1: Setting Goals and Meal Planning
  • Week 2: Portion Control & Thinking Before Drinking
  • Week 3: Balance Your Plate & Carb Makeover
  • Week 4: Go Easy on the Extras & Another Look at Protein
  • Week 5: Fats, Sweets & Salt – Dealing With Cravings
  • Week 6: Dining Out & Eating In
  • Week 7: Get Moving*

Occasionally I also offer Healthy Eating Challenges that are open-registration. Be sure to watch for announcements of upcoming challenges, or use the form below to ask questions or inquire about booking your own Healthy Eating Challenge.

*Note: Week 7 involves working with a local personal trainer and is not offered as part of the one-on-one phone/online sessions.