Hot Pepper Sauce
  1. Wash the peppers, done your gloves, then cut the stem and cores from the peppers. Coarsely chop and put in a medium sized, non-reactive pot. Removing as many seeds as you can will reduce the heat factor, or leave them all in.
  2. Pour vinegar over the peppers, making sure they are covered. Add more if needed. Add salt and stir.
  3. Bring to boil over medium high heat, stirring every couple of minutes. Let boil for a couple minutes before turning off heat and removing from burner.
  4. Using either an immersion blender or by carefully transferring a blender or food processor, blend to a “paste” consistency.
  5. Pour mixture to a heat safe container such as a quart sized canning jar. Cover with a paper towel, clean dish towel or similar, using a rubber band or string to secure in place and put jar or jars in a secure place and let stand 3 days at room temperature.
  6. Blend contents again to try and break down any remaining larger pieces of pepper, then strain through a mesh colander or sieve to remove as much of the solids as desired.
  7. Bottle as is and store in fridge, or reduce to a thicker sauce by placing in a small crock pot on its lowest setting, uncovered, until desired consistency.