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Radio Archive: School Lunch Nutrition

This show originally aired on November 12, 2011 This was one of the first shows I did as part of The Wake Up Call was way back in November of 2011. I was joined by the Director of Student Nutrition Services...


Ramblings of a Coke Addict

“I used to snort coke, but I had to stop. The bubbles tickled my nose too much.” I originally wrote this for my personal site years ago. I updated it for another site about a couple years later after reading How to...


The ABC’s of Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month… and while diabetes seems to be an every growing issue, so there’s a pretty good chance you know someone dealing with. Dr. Mike Evans and his great video series to help give you a quick intro...


A Power Packed French Onion Dip

Has it been a couple months since YWM2015 already? Wow. Well, you may remember some of the audio interviews I did while there, including one with the folks at the BariLife booth. While there, we chatted about some of their...


Cream of Whatever Soup

The following is a recipe for Butternut Squash Soup… but it’s also a formula for you to adapt to pretty much whatever vegetable you like… cauliflower, carrot, broccoli, potato… ok, maybe not whatever vegetable. I’m not sure how this would...


YWM2015 Follow Up: Turning the Tables

While bugging people doing the conversations I had with people at Your Weight Matters in San Antonio last month, I had a few people asking when it was going to be my turn to answer the questions – well, Eileen...


YWM2015 – The Foundation of the OAC

To wrap things up for YWM2015 I decided to wrap things up by chatting with Kristy Kuna, VP of Programs and Operations and Joe Nadglowski, President of the Obesity Action Coalition. Along with James Zervios, they were the original staff...


YWM2015 – It’s Like A Fountain of Youth

David, Cherie, Wendy… They’re the next group I had a chance to chat with Sunday morning and shared with us their thoughts about what they were taking home with them after this weekend. http://positively-healthy.com/audio/2015/YWM2015-34.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download


YWM2015 – Appreciating Just Being You

While everyone is still checking out the various advocacy stations I trapped Pandora (again) along with Jennifer, Sarah and Pam… Sarah and Pam are very active with the inner working with the OAC, but Sarah talked about what she’s learned...