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It’s been… a week.

I’m really not sure what sort of adjectives to use to describe it. Overall, I’m still fine with where I’m at, though my scale is dead right now, so I don’t know where I am at number-wise. But I’m not...


Broiled Shrimp

I’ve always liked shrimp. Fresh would be great, but since I live in Minnesota, that just doesn’t happen. But with modern Individually Quick Frozen (or IQF) you’re likely not going to notice a difference. Even those “fresh” shrimp in the...


Resistance is (not) Futile!

Exercise… pre-op it was something I sort of thought about. Most of the time walking up a flight of stairs left me feeling like I’d just run a 5k race. I joined a gym…. years ago. Cripes… six or so...