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WLS: The Easy Way Out

There is one recurring … fear and frustration that dogs many people who have had bariatric surgery (aka weight loss surgery). I’ve heard it from patients online, in various support groups I’ve attended/facilitated/led, as well as while at various obesity related events. It’s this perception that using surgery to get to a healthier weight is “taking the easy way out”.


Bariatric Support Group: The Importance of Support

This was our first online bariatric support group meeting, so why not start off with a discussion on the importance of support? We did just that with our guest, Katie Jay of the National Assocation of Weight Loss Surgery. We also...


Lessons Learned from the Great Outdoors – Pt 4

For YWM2018 I did a Lunch with the Experts discussion with some attendees titled Post-Op Wisdom: Lessons Learned From the Great Outdoors. Through some of my favorite photos and discussion, we explored how some of the lessons I’ve learned about enjoying the great...


Your Input Needed: Online Support Groups

Over the past 9 years, I’ve done a variety of things related to health and wellness. From The Wake Up Call Radio Show, to facilitating a men’s support group for the center where I had my surgery to podcasts and...


Radio Archive: In Moderation vs Optimum Minimum Videocast

This show originally broadcast on October 1, 2014 We tried something a little different as part of The Wake Up Call – a live videocast where we discussed how when it comes to changing our dietary habits, we often hear...


Goals – Actions are what get you there

Goals… I’ll be the first to admit, I’m actually pretty terrible about setting and following through with goals. Despite the fact I’ve given a few talks to various groups about them over the years. But, doesn’t mean I can’t keep...


Ramblings of a Coke Addict

“I used to snort coke, but I had to stop. The bubbles tickled my nose too much.” I originally wrote this for my personal site years ago. I updated it for another site about a couple years later after reading How to...


The OAC’s Respect Pledge – Good Anytime, Anywhere

One week from today the Obesity Action Coalition’s annual convention, Your Weight Matters 2015 kicks in to gear with some advocacy training in the afternoon and the opening kick-off that evening. And once again, a record breaking attendance is expected. The...