Bariatric Support Group

circle of feet

NOTICE: Due to work and other commitments, I am unable to do a regularly scheduled event such as this right now. I hope to be able to start up the idea of an online support group again in the near future.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to try and achieve a healthier weight, study after study shows keeping a support network increases your risk of success.

No support group is going to be perfect for everyone, but the goal of this groups is minimize the barriers to participation. One of most common barriers people cite is that they just live too far from where the meetings are held. By using an online platform, we can instead reach people no matter where they are..

While this type of support is most commonly associated with bariatric surgery patients, another goal is to keep as many of our topics as general as possible, so that no matter how you are working towards a healthier weight you will find like minded peers there to support you.

Each month, the meetings will last about 90 minutes, opening up around a specific topic of discussion with a special guest. During that discussion attendees will be able to submit questions and comments either through text interaction or by bringing the attendee “on the air” via audio. The second half will be open discussion for peer-to-peer support where as a group we address things that our attendees wish to discuss and get support on.

All meetings will take place from 8-9:30 PM Eastern (5-6:30 PM Pacific), if you’re interested, please head on over to the registration page to sign up. Each meeting has it’s own registration, and space is limited. Bariatric Support Group sessions may be recorded for reference and additional use.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.