Nutritional coaching and other services provided by Positively Healthy includes dietary and supplemental recommendations which you may or may not choose to follow. These recommendations are not offered as medical advice, diagnosis or meant to prescribe any cures.

The recommendations provided will be based on the information you provide, scientific facts as published in peer-reviewed journals and discernment, not on fads or marketing schemes.  All information will be kept confidential.

I am a fee for service provider and do not accept medical insurance.  Some clients may be able to use flex spending or HSA funds to pay for services. Contact your provider for details.

Product Recommendations

Occasionally on this site I may recommend or link to products or services available for sale. Some of these links are “affiliate” links, which means I may be paid a commission if you purchase via that link. I do not make my recommendations based upon my receiving these commissions, I make recommendations based upon my belief and trust in a product or service, which means it’s usually a product I’ve tried myself. My opinions are mine and mine alone, I make no claims on behalf of other companies. In most cases it is easy enough for you to otherwise find and purchase a product without using my provided links if you so choose.

Although I try to keep the information on this site up-to-date, I make no representations or warranties of any third party sites. You should examine the information provided on the website of the manufacturer, vendor, or service provider before entering into any agreements or making any purchases on the internet.